Best Under-Counter Refrigerator – Reviewed & Rated In 2019

You want just a refrigerator to preserve your eateries, foods and other perishable goods. But, that won’t meet your need for precise temperature performance, the fastest cooling time, and versatile storage facilities. Your comfortable lifestyle demands nothing less than an under-counter refrigerator.

While the traditional refrigerators meet the refrigerating needs of your home, the under-counter refrigerators meet the needs for customized preservation facilities for Beverage Centers, Wine Cellars, Beer Dispensers, Wine Dispensers, and Refrigerator-Freezer. You can get a wide range of under-counter refrigerators that come with variable gaits, features, functionalities, and prices. If you are a prudent and meticulous buyer, this article will feed you information that will make your buying decision the best.

Top 5 Best Under-Counter Refrigerator 2019

How to Choose the Best Under-Counter Refrigerator for Yourself?

  1. Temperature Stability: As per air technology, the static old plate cooling generates a differential distribution of air inside the system. This leads to stratification effects of non-uniform temperatures. For instance, the topmost strata might have a temperature 15°C warmer than the bottommost strata. On the contrary, dynamically-forced air evenly circulates the cold air from the top to the bottom strata of the cabinet in the under-counter refrigerator. The under-counter refrigerator minimizes the variance in temperature and improves the quality of the eateries, particularly concerning the desired flavor and nutritional value. Moreover, it ensures long-lasting freshness and the least wastage of food.
  2. Cooling Time: To cope up with your busy lifestyle, you need faster cooling. This is particularly important if you need to preserve cases of beverages at room-temperatures and want them to be ready for serving in a party arranged in a shorter later period. Besides ensuring this common need, the under-counter refrigerator pulls down the temperature rapidly and prevents bacteria from growing and make your perishables unsafe for consumption. You need to set the desired temperature. The forced air-cooling will take care of your health.
  3. Energy Efficiency & Operating Costs: The under-counter refrigerator provides thicker insulation and protects external heat transfer and loss of cold are and thus ensures energy efficiency. At the same time, there is no compromise of internal storage volume. Energy efficiency is associated with automatic closing of the door and integrated controls such as vacation mode, eco-mode and delay start.
  4. Capacity & Storage Flexibility: You need to consider your storage needs and keep in mind the sizes of extra-large platters and pizza boxes. Optional wine storage, along with clear rollout bin is an optional consideration

What are the Different Types of Under-Counter Refrigerator?

Several ranges of under-counter refrigerators are available in the market these days, which can serve the purpose of your kitchen:

  1. Freestanding Under-Counter: In this type of refrigerator, the condenser is fitted at the backside of the unit. You can’t place it between the cabinets because by trapping the heat, its condenser will be seized, thus disrupting the entire operation of the unit. The cons are that comparatively, it produces more noise and usually does not maintain normal temperature.
  2. Built-in Under-Counter: This type of refrigerator occupies the least surface area. You can easily install it with a cabinet and countertop. It comes with a static condenser and front-toe kick and thus allows free space within your kitchen for the ease of breathing and moving. It maintains a temperature range of 34°F-50°F.
  3. Beverage Centers: As the name suggests, such types of refrigerators as specifically designed to beverages, including wine, beer, and soda. Besides being useful for kitchens such refrigerators are ideal for game rooms. The digital temperature controls fitted to such units allow setting and monitoring the desired temperature. However, some models generate humming sounds while in operation, of course, without impacting their performances. The true-kick lock provided prevents unwanted access.
  4. Under-Counter Refrigerator Drawer: This type of refrigerator has almost the same features as the beverage centers. However, you get the additional facilities of having two drawers. You can have the convenience of storing other perishable items such as milk packs, yogurt, kids’ drinks, etc. You can store alcoholic and non-alcoholic items separately. The most popular models of this type of refrigerator provide freezer in one drawer and the ice-maker in another.

What are the Benefits of Using an Under-Counter Refrigerator?

Following are the benefits of using an under-counter refrigerator in your kitchen:

  • The cynosure of All Eyes: The overall gait, the glittering finish, eye-soothing colors, the sophisticated design, the aesthetic look, all integrated is sure to be the ‘envy” of neighbors. It also increases your social recognition
  • Increased Space Availability: The usual notion of a refrigerator consuming more kitchen space will be diminished to a great extent when you move the counter refrigerator into a lower cabinet. More kitchen space eases movement inside the kitchen.
  • Designs Integrated with Style: The traditional refrigerators are designed to look massive and cumbersome and sometimes give an irritating feeling. On the other hand, style and aesthetic features are so integrated into the under-counter refrigerator that you enjoy while opening or closing it.
  • Durability: Besides the quality of the basic materials used like stainless steel or aluminum, the under-counter refrigerators are so structured that its moving parts such as hinges, flanges of doors, and the sliding devices undergo the least of mechanical forces. Thus, they become your lifetime companion.
  • Energy Efficient: A substantial portion of your energy bill accounts for the wattage consumed by the compressor of your refrigerator. But Energy Star certification, applied after 2002, restricts any undesirable wattage used in the components. Since the under-counter refrigerators have come to the market after 2002, it is mandatorily energy-efficient.
  • Ease of Access: Accessing a under counter refrigerator is as easy a “child’s play.” It opens with the touch of your hand and closes of its own. You don’t have to attend your child’s call or anyone in a wheelchair to access it.


Using a refrigerator is as essential as breathing air and taking food. But the traditional refrigerators have certain shortcomings that necessitated the emergence of under-counter refrigerators. Therefore, be prudent, judicious and meticulous before buying one. We hope the important features covered in this article will take you a long way in selecting the best.