Best Japanese Rice Cooker – Reviewed & Rated In 2019

Are you looking for the new rice cooker to cook rice in a conventional Japanese style? Do you want to try something out-of-the-box, yet a traditional cuisine for this weekend? Choose the best Japanese rice cooker; there are several available with lots of amazing features can make it possible.

Rice cookers are high in-demand among tourists traveling to Japan; you can cook some delicious Japanese recipes such as Sushi using the best rice cooker. The best Japanese rice cooker is a must-have for your kitchen, especially if you are an international food lover.

Top 5 Best Japanese Rice Cooker 2019

How to Choose the Best Japanese Rice Cooker for Yourself?

If you are thinking about buying the same, then you should pick the right one. The market is flooded with variant options and choosing a perfect option can be tedious; therefore, consider the following factors. It will help you in making the right, budget-friendly purchase that suits your kitchen requirements:

  1. Price: This product may range anything from $70 to $900; therefore, you have to choose options that suit your budget. You can narrow down your choices by focusing on an appliance that meets your requirements. You should go with the product that meets your needs within your set budget.
  2. Do you need it? If quality and taste of rice really matter to you and if you are rice lover, then you can go with latest Japanese rice cooker models available with high-tech cooking modes and features. It will help you to cook the most delicious Japanese rice; however, if you are an average rice lover, then a conventional option would be fine for you.
  3. Check out options and features: You should check if the cooker has distinctive cooking features to cook different types of rice including mixed rice, haiga-mai, brown rice, white rice, and more. Some cookers come with baking feature as well. You should also check steam feature too. If you want your rice cooker uses less electricity, then you can go with the cooker comes with eco-feature.
  4. Size: If you live alone, then you should look for a cooker that does not occupy much space. If you have family of 3-4 then you can go with 5 GO size cookers. You can go with cooker with 10 ‘GO’ sizes if you have a larger family of 5-6. (1 GO = 150gm approx) You should go with the right-sized cooker designed with amazing features and meets your budget and needs.  It should be easy to clean and maintain so that you can use it without any issue.

If you want to cook different kinds of rice deliciously, then you need to get the best Japanese rice cooker made up of high-quality material. There are so many options you can find online or in market, but this guide is all about helping you get the right cooker for your kitchen.