Best Cooker Hoods – Reviewed & Rated In 2019

A long-term investment for your kitchen is a cooker hood. So you need to be very careful to pick the one that not only does its job properly but also looks good. Some of them make noises yet is ineffective. Right one should be the one that works quietly and quickly by eliminating odors and moisture and stop grease from settling on the kitchen surface.

Cooker hoods are not only a stylish fan. They come in different styles and sizes, matching your kitchen cabinet. You should look for every detail so that you find the perfect hoods.

Top 5 Best Cooker Hoods 2019

How to Choose the Best Cooker Hoods for Yourself?

To start with, you need to decide the type of cooker hood you want. Mostly it is determined based on cooker size, location, style, and budget.

  1. Types of Cooker hoods: Built-in cooker hoods are short in a size suitable for narrow or standard width cookers and hobs. It fit inside the kitchen wall cabinet. Canopy hoods have an extended telescopic section for extraction. Chimney style cooker hoods are especially for a cooker that backs to the wall. It comes as a canopy with the chimney in glass, stainless steel, or combination type. Island cooker hoods are large and directly attached to the ceiling. It needs plenty of space in the kitchen to accommodate. Visor hood or conventional hoods fit right angle to the wall or underside of the kitchen wall.
  2. Extraction: When you think about how the cooker hood looks, it is also worth to think about how it works. These hoods with extraction filter the air first and send it in the outer surface. It helps clear the smoke, steam, and smell from the kitchen. The extraction part is mounted or connected outside the wall using a ventilation hose.
  3. Air circulation: Extraction hoods usually use outside ventilation to evacuate the stale air. The length, curves, and type of material used for the air duct will affect the airflow. Recirculation hoods do not require any outside ventilation. It purifies the air through some serious of filters, removes the odor and particles before recirculation it back into the room.
  4. Power: When you try to choose a hood of different capacity, try to find out the minimum and maximum rate of extraction.
  5. Noise level: If you like cooking in a peaceful environment, then choose a hood with less decibel or dB rating. The design of the hood duck also affects the noise level.

The best cooker hood will not be noisier. Cooker hoods are not complicated if the following key features work properly; control panel, power settings, and lights. If you pay attention to all these features too, then you are going to pick the right one for your kitchen.