Best Coffee Grinder for French Press – Reviewed & Rated In 2019

Coffee is one of those beverages that should be enjoyed freshly brewed. Sure, instant coffee is easy to make, and cafes can be found wherever your eyes land, but a fresh, hot cup of coffee in the warmth of your home is different.

Getting your coffee beans grounded from somewhere else and storing them in your cabinet results in those grounded beans to lose their oils; furthermore, resulting in losing the fresh flavor of the beverage. Hence, the greatest option is to have a French Press at the convenience of your house, and here is a guide on how you can find the best one for yourself.

Top 5 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press 2019

How to Choose the Best Coffee Grinder for French Press for Yourself?

The art of grinding coffee beans requires great precision, especially when you have high-quality coffee beans in your possession. If it is grounded too finely, then the coffee you make may be too bitter to your liking. If it is too brittle, then it becomes difficult for the water or milk, to absorb it quickly. Like this, there are several points you must take into consideration before deciding which French Press would suit you the best;

  1. Budget: Price plays an important role in the case of any product you’re buying. The foremost priority is to understand what you require, and then budget according to it. Price is dependent on factors like brand, quality, durability, and warranty.
  2. Size: The French Press that you get should not be too bulky. It should be compact and fit the setting of your kitchen perfectly. Furthermore, you should be able to handle it without fuss or difficulty.
  3. Whether it is Manual or Electric: A manual French Press will require more effort from you, but it is comparatively smaller and less expensive than an electric one. Although, an electric French Press makes the work of grinding coffee beans easy for you, instead of being bulky and more expensive
  4. Sound: French Press can make noises in the process of grinding coffee beans, but they are not necessarily loud. Hence, if your appliance is making a lot of noises, then it is advised to avoid buying it
  5. Burr or Blade: A blade can be cheap, and give you good results, but those results will not be consistent. Sometimes they can leave you with the brittle coffee ground. Burr, on the other hand, is expensive, but it gives great, and consistent results
  6. Maintenance: The built of the French Press should not be so complex that it becomes difficult to maintain and clean it properly

A French Press is an important aspect in the kitchen of a person who requires their daily dose of freshly brewed coffee at their convenience. Even if you are not an avid coffee consumer, a French Press changes that for you. You must consider all factors mentioned above, before making your final decision,