Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker – Reviewed & Rated In 2019

Ah! That first cup of coffee provides you the required impetus for the whole day, and you want it to be made at home. Making coffee yourself is as pleasurable as drinking it. As a pro-stylish, you may not be satisfied with coffee maker with just on/off switch. If you want your coffee to be stronger and to stay hot longer, thermal carafe, programmed as desired will make it possible.

Depending upon your need and choice, you can get various models of coffee makers in the market. If you want iced coffee in summer, the drip and pod models will suit you the most. Once you fill the reservoir and set timers, you are done to host your guests. Know it “how!”

Top 5 Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker 2019

How to Choose the Best Auto Drip Coffee Maker for Yourself?

The basic concept of coffee is extracting and “dripping” out of the flavor from the ground coffee. The drained water after being filtered is delivered to cup, grit-free. But, you can’t get the same quality of coffee from different coffeemakers. Several variable factors make it pertinent to know how to choose the best one:

  1. Configuration: Models include; electric drip makers, non-electric pours-over, espresso machines, cup or capsule machines, or cold-brew makers. Prices vary according to functionalities and facilities.
  2. Convenience: It may be fully automated or semi-automated that needs more attention. Press brewers, and stovetop espresso pots and pour-over are manually operated and need more attention. Pod machines are suitable for households.
  3. Type of Coffee: If you like both coffee and espresso, a hybrid machine will suit you. It takes less space and is priced lower. However, it may not provide the highest quality of both. Pod machines also provide espresso, but not authentic.
  4. Brew Size: Single-cup brewer is suitable if you need different styles, flavor and frequencies of taking coffee. It is also suitable for households. Large brewers can make 10 to 12 cups of 5 to 6oz each.
  5. Timing: If your household needs hot coffee throughout the day, opt for the one with a thermal carafe.
  6. Sizing: Accurately measure the dimension of the coffee machine so that it fits well to space, you have earmarked for installation.
  7. Custom Brewing Options: For a yet sophisticated experience, you can opt for a more complicated one that shows you the water temperature, brew sizes, and brew strength. You can also make tea or hot chocolate by Cup & Capsule machine.
  8. Extra Features: These include auto-shutoff, programmed brewing within a specific time, keep warm, audible alerts when brewed, milk frothing, bean grinding, notification for cleaning.

The choice of the best drip coffee maker is majorly a personalized issue. Your day starts with a warm or iced cup of coffee, depending upon the environment and your choice. Other members of your household are part of the coffee consumers. Your guests also are a part of it. With so many human elements involved in coffee-consumption in your house, you need to be choosy and prudently selective to purchase a coffee maker.