LoL Tips – How To Pick The Best Champ

Hey There! We got a cool hint for you today.

The first step of mastering a champion is obviously, selecting a champion to master. This choice might seem easy but it is also the most important step in our journey. This choice will influence almost everything from now on. You have to ask yourself what role this champion performs and do you feel comfortable with that? How do you feel about the tasks this role has to perform? Do you feel all of the abilities of this character? How do you feel about roaming, establishing vision, ganking, or finishing minions? Which of these activities do you struggle with? At which you excel? Pick wisely as you will do these things based on your choice…. A lot.

            No matter what champion you picked out, do not feel stuck with it. If you feel irritated or exhausted do not hesitate to try out another champion. Even if you will not stick around to a certain champion you will gain valuable experience and knowledge that you will utilize in the future. If you want to improve, experimentation will be quite helpful. Perhaps your new favorite champion will be something you never expected to enjoy. The more champions you play, the better you will perform in this journey.

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