Oct 30, 09

What is Sâuçá? Global Gourmet Food & So Much More!

A very good question…

Sâuçá is DC’s most unique new concept to hit the streets – it’s literally a mobile restaurant and a lifestyle that embraces different cultures through food, music, art, events and people.   International businessman, traveler, explorer and foodie Farhad Assari has taken street food to a new level.  This very atypical restaurateur was inspired by the side street vendors in India, the old school food trucks in California, the railroad station vendors in Europe and the taquierias of South America, to create a new way to enjoy foods from around the world, with the convenience and fun of a serious kitchen on wheels.  The result is a great global gourmet experience with no reservations and no travel time! 

As a fully functioning restaurant on wheels, Sâuçá brings global, healthy food wherever the parking is good and hungry explorers travel.  The specialty on the menu is the Sâuçá—a new twist on the pita / wrap / food-on-bread concept inspired by true street food – ordered, prepared and eaten on the street.  Guests order by global region:   European, (Croque Monsieur) North American, (BBQ chicken) South American, (Fish Tacos) Asian, (Banh Mi) Middle Eastern (Kabobs) or sub-continent Africa / India (Curry dishes) with a savory meat or tofu protein and a starch such as the Sâuçá world bread, or rice, and the defining difference – the sauce!  The result is a sâuçá (a ’sandwich’ with unique sauce(s) made with spices from one of the global regions).

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