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Feb 3, 10

We’re Out & About! Soft Opening in Soft Snow

We’re navigating the slippery DC streets today, seeking out good spots and stopping by Logan Circle around lunchtime, ideally right around 14th & P.   We’re doing a soft opening – limited menu – tastings and testing, so if you see us, stop by and thanks for your patience if there’s a bit of a wait.   Follow the Tweets!

While you wait, you can check out the awesome truck graphics, the printed menu, our flatscreen, payphone, and sound system…sharing some happy world music!    The saucamobile is so hot it might just melt all the snow around it….

Jan 7, 10

Wrapping Up Sâuçámobile Design…

We’re counting down with just a few weeks to go until Sâuçá is live and navigating DC streets!   The interior build-out of the Sâuçámobile is complete and one of the final elements will be the truckwrap – the amazing 3-D looking design by ripe that transforms an ordinary panel van into the most amazing mobile restaurant ever.

Here are a couple views of the preliminary designs to give you some idea of what the Sâuçámobile will look like.   From the custom powder-coated wheels and bumpers to the old-school sliding pocket doors, the Sâuçámobile misauca van v.5.0.0-webemmics the web site design, and provides drivers and pedestrians alike interesting visuals, a peek at the menu, and real-time programming, photo galleries, videos and more on the 37″ flatscreen monitor mounted on the side.

Stay tuned for more updates and exciting news….menus posted next week!

Oct 30, 09

Where is Sâuçá? Top Technology Will Find Global Food on the Go!

The Sâuçámobile will be operating at various sites around Washington, DC, from uptown to downtown, in neighborhoods, gathering spots and at transportation hubs, at special events and events made more special with Sâuçá.  Equipped with GPS and mobile electronics once it launches on the streets, the Sâuçámobile can be tracked via Googlemaps on the web site,, or by following on Twitter or through the Sâuçá iPhone app. (available to iPhone users post launch/late January)

The video below demonstrates the Sâuçá ‘payphone,’ which will be accessible through a small door on the curbside of the truck, sliding out when the door is open. Sâuçá customers will be able to make a 1-minute phone call to any friend, anywhere in the world by depositing 2 sâuçá tokens. (each sâuçá meal purchase earns one token.)

Stay tuned for more – catch one of our YouTube videos documenting the progress on all parts of the truck!