Jan 20, 10

Sâuçá Countdown Begins – Here’s the Menu!

As we get closer to launching the Sâuçámobile, we are excited to share our menu with everyone…..a little something to whet your appetites! See and read about our selection of sâuçás for breakfast, lunch and dinner, soups, salads, Toffles and beverages—complete with the entire list of our unique signature sauces – on our awesome menu designed by ripe.

There are 10 different sâuçá wraps that alternate on the menu daily, two from each of five geographical-gastronomical regions; (N. America, Latin America, Europe, Mediterranean and Asia. Each day the menu will change to include one of the two globally inspired sâuçás, as well as the Mumbai Butter Chicken, the signature wrap that is offered every day, to make 11 total wraps. Add any one of the 22 different sauces to the wrap for a truly unique – and personalized meal!

Check it out after the break!

Click on the images below to download PDF’s of the Sâuçá Menu.

Sâuçá Menu Page 1

Sâuçá Menu Page 2

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6 Responses to “Sâuçá Countdown Begins – Here’s the Menu!”

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  2. Kelly says:

    The menu looks fantastic (and delicious)!

  3. othersideoftheriver says:

    Oh please please don’t forget us here in Georgetown on K St. There’s nothing to eat save lousy pizza and subway for the fast lunch grab — and those Banh Mi look wonderful!

  4. germaine says:


    i am a business that is having a party on Saturday night. the party is over at 10 and we wanted to talk to someone about being around that area when it is over. you will have 200 people leaving a spot at 10 where they will have partaken in lots of drinks. we think it would be perfect for you to be in that area so that we can direct them there. most of the people live in and around DC. could you please reply or call me so i can give you the info?


  5. admin says:

    Hello Germaine,

    Thank you very much for reaching out to us to let us know about your event! This is our first week on the road – and we’re already going to be delayed because of the snow, we are not able to venture out beyond daytime / lunch service until next week, or the week after. We would much rather prefer to have all of our menu items available and our systems working very smoothly before we can do late night.

    Please do keep following us and share our web site and Twitter (@eatSauca) with your friends and colleagues and we’ll be sure to be there for the next party!


  6. admin says:

    Hi Jane! We wouldn’t think of bypassing Gtown…we love it there! Keep your eyes and mobile devices ready for the tweets and posts as we make our way around town. And, there could be benefits to being UNDER the Whitehurst – it’s like covered parking!

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