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Nov 3, 10

The North American sâuçá: Buffalo Chicken

Tingle your taste buds this week with our North American sâuçá: sweet and spicy Buffalo Chicken served on fresh flatbread or over savory saffron rice. Our inspiration comes from the Buffalo wing: an American sports bar classic since the 1960s. But where did these spicy little delicacies originate? The namesake for this saucy chicken snack comes from the city of Buffalo in Upstate New York where the Anchor Bar has been serving them up for nearly fifty years. A classic Buffalo sauce is made with a blend of cayenne pepper, butter, and vinegar. This hot, tangy, messy sauce is glazed over fried chicken wings and traditionally served with blue cheese dressing on the side.

Our Buffalo Chicken sâuçá reinvents this dish by taking the messy bones out of the picture and wrapping it in a neat, flatbread package. We smother our homemade Buffalo sauce over baked chicken thigh meat and top it with sweet, caramelized onions, and a healthy sprinkle of blue cheese crumbles to balance the heat. Just like America herself, this sâuçá is a veritable melting pot of flavors borrowing the cayenne pepper from Central America, some distinctly European blue cheese, and our signature Mediterranean-style flatbread.

Take a moment out of your day to treat your senses to this rich sâuçá: the smell of the sweet onions; the eyeful of tender chicken coated with colorful red, white, and blue toppings; the warmth of the soft flatbread in your hands. And finally, the heat of the hot sauce on your tongue followed by cool, soft bites of blue cheese. The combination of spicy, sweet, and savory is truly sublime; but don’t take our word for it. Grab this North American sâuçá for lunch, and you’ll return to the office full and happy without the tell-tale red-stained fingers synonymous with wing eaters. Well, maybe grabbing one napkin wouldn’t hurt…

Mar 29, 10

Sauca is Out & About & Making News!

The Ambassador of the Republic of Sauca, Farhad Assari and the Saucamobile

Hot off the presses – and hot from the Sauca griddle, more great press coverage and nice things said about our offerings from the Express Night Out...

“AN ARMY OF food trucks has stormed Washington in recent months. But the carts, which hawk a range of taste bud temptations, from cupcakes to chicken masala, don’t need to run over your diet.

Sauca, which serves up flatbread wrap-style sandwiches, boasts that its medi veggie sauca — stuffed with saffron rice, homemade hummus, kalamata olive spread, tomatoes and dill yogurt sauce — is filling without tons of calories.”

Read more about DC’s evolving street food / food truck scene – and check out our newly updated, accurate and easy-to-follow location schedule so you can plan your lunches around sauca stops.

Feb 26, 10

World Bank, Take a Look at Global Foods on the Go!

Today the saucamobile is located at 19th & Penn Ave. NW, right near the World Bank and IMF buildings in the area known as the Golden Triangle (BID).   Strong winds can’t blow our truck over, they’ll just help to carry the amazing aromas of our Toffles and Saucas up and down Pennsylvania Ave. to hungry workers and passers-by for the whole day!

On the menu – it’s “left side menu” week – Mulligatawny soup, Lonestar BBQ Beef, Merguez Frites, Pork Bahn Mi, The Medi Veggie and our Mexicali Fish Taco.  Come on out and get warm!   Our special “Unleashed” promotion starts on Monday, March 1st – watch for the announcements via our blog and Twitter Feeds.   It’s FRIDAY!

Feb 23, 10

Breakfast is a Go! Scrambled Sâuçás Await

…and they are delicious!  Need some truly delicious, energy-starting satisfying breakfast choices?  Visit the Sâuçámobile and try one of our fresh-griddles scramblers with fresh eggs, cheese & crispy potato – or add some ‘umph’ with Merguez sausage or thick-cut bacon.   Then, alternate tomorrow’s breakfast with a freshly made Toffle and your choice of toppings like peanut butter & jelly, cream cheese frosting, strawberries, bananas, chocolate or just powdered sugar.

We’re serving breakfast everyday, so be sure to check our Twitter location updates or visit the Google latitudes map, super-spy style and start your day off right – with sâuçá!

Feb 2, 10

First snapshots of Sauca in the snow!

The first round of testing is out of the way – we’ve gone through the whole menu and dropped off some samples to friends at ripe, our tokens, postcards, t-shirts and music have all arrived, so we’re almost done checking things off the list.

parked in upper northwest over the weekend

We’ll did a little bit of roaming and testing on Sunday and stopped by Dishing it Out with Nycci and David Nellis (The List Are You On It) and brought them saucas and Toffles, which were devoured quickly!  While we were there we took a shot of the saucamobile in the snow…