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May 9, 10

Introducing Sâuçàmobile #2!

We made it through snow and ice.  We made it through instant summer in April.  We made it through the DC permitting system.

And now, a new Sâuçàmobile has emerged for Spring!

Much like Sauca #1 (we’re using numbers to identify them for the time being), Sauca #2 is a vibrant, roving saucamobile, ready to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner daily.  Same menu: sâuçà sandwiches, salads, soups, beverages and, of course, the very unique waffle-with-toppings > Toffles!   On the new truck you’ll find the same great customer service, delicious offerings and music to keep things moving.

Now with two trucks, we can be in more places every day. Each truck has it’s own Schedule/Truckfinder map on our newly revamped web site!  Sauca #1 is taking the “near East” route – downtown generally from N. Capitol Street on the east to 18th St. to the west, and from Dupont Circle to the north, all the way down to the national mall to the south.

Sauca #2 is taking the “far East” route – Union Station east to Capitol Hill and H St. NE, and south to the Riverfront / ballpark area.  Schedules are updated weekly for each Sâuçàmobile, and each is also available for special events, parties, appearances, and anywhere you’d like to add a little more than chips & dips for refreshments – more like a global gourmet that comes to you.

Send us a postcard with your request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we find a place to park!

Feb 26, 10

World Bank, Take a Look at Global Foods on the Go!

Today the saucamobile is located at 19th & Penn Ave. NW, right near the World Bank and IMF buildings in the area known as the Golden Triangle (BID).   Strong winds can’t blow our truck over, they’ll just help to carry the amazing aromas of our Toffles and Saucas up and down Pennsylvania Ave. to hungry workers and passers-by for the whole day!

On the menu – it’s “left side menu” week – Mulligatawny soup, Lonestar BBQ Beef, Merguez Frites, Pork Bahn Mi, The Medi Veggie and our Mexicali Fish Taco.  Come on out and get warm!   Our special “Unleashed” promotion starts on Monday, March 1st – watch for the announcements via our blog and Twitter Feeds.   It’s FRIDAY!

Feb 3, 10 Full Web Site has Launched!

Check it out - – we’re so glad it’s finished so we can share more of the sauca story with you and you can discover more fun things about us!

Visit every page – listen to the music – track the truck – send us a postcard and let us know what you think, sign up to get sauca dispatches first, and follow us on Twitter and Facebook, too.   When you do, also tell us where you’d like us to bring the truck – we’ll consolidate the top locations and let you know the daily schedule on the web site)


Feb 3, 10

We’re Out & About! Soft Opening in Soft Snow

We’re navigating the slippery DC streets today, seeking out good spots and stopping by Logan Circle around lunchtime, ideally right around 14th & P.   We’re doing a soft opening – limited menu – tastings and testing, so if you see us, stop by and thanks for your patience if there’s a bit of a wait.   Follow the Tweets!

While you wait, you can check out the awesome truck graphics, the printed menu, our flatscreen, payphone, and sound system…sharing some happy world music!    The saucamobile is so hot it might just melt all the snow around it….

Jan 20, 10

Sâuçá Countdown Begins – Here’s the Menu!

As we get closer to launching the Sâuçámobile, we are excited to share our menu with everyone…..a little something to whet your appetites! See and read about our selection of sâuçás for breakfast, lunch and dinner, soups, salads, Toffles and beverages—complete with the entire list of our unique signature sauces – on our awesome menu designed by ripe.

There are 10 different sâuçá wraps that alternate on the menu daily, two from each of five geographical-gastronomical regions; (N. America, Latin America, Europe, Mediterranean and Asia. Each day the menu will change to include one of the two globally inspired sâuçás, as well as the Mumbai Butter Chicken, the signature wrap that is offered every day, to make 11 total wraps. Add any one of the 22 different sauces to the wrap for a truly unique – and personalized meal!

Check it out after the break! (more…)