Comparison: A Fresh LOL Account vs an Old Account

League of Legends is a game in which players choose a champion to fight in a team vs. team environment, Summoner’s Rift. Each player controls their chosen character and battles it out with the opposing team in an attempt to destroy the other side’s base structure. The recent change to the League of Legends account system has caused a lot of confusion. Many people ask themselves what is the best way to get started in League of Legends. One option would be to buy a fresh lol account, while the other option would be to start with an old account. It’s no surprise that players are worried about the impact it will have on their accounts, and whether they should buy a fresh lol account or wait for an old one. This article will discuss the pros and cons of each type of account so you can make your decision!

If you choose to buy a fresh account:

You will receive an unknown summoner level

This involves a very low-level summoner which is a good starting point to work from in League of Legends. If you choose to start with a fresh account, it will be easier for you personally to increase your summoner level and get into ranked play when compared to someone that started on an old account.

You start with no runes, masteries, or champs.

Heirlooms are basically rune pages, rune pages are unlocked by levelling up your summoner level. Since you start with no summoner level, this is another reason why it’s better to start with a fresh account than an old one. This isn’t as bad as you think, because there is a good chance the runes and masteries on your lol account page will be outdated or replaced with newer ones. You can opt to buy rune pages for each individual champion if you don’t like the default ones though.

You start with no experience or BE.

When you first begin playing League of Legends, you will be in a beginner league and it will take fewer games to level up. This is another reason why it’s better to start with a fresh account rather than an old one because you can move into the intermediate or above leagues more quickly.

You’ll have no prior experience.

If you choose to buy lol account, then you don’t have any experience playing League of Legends. You will be inexperienced in terms of game knowledge and mechanics since you haven’t played the game before. This means you can level up your game knowledge and mechanics faster than someone who started on an old account.

You’ll have no name reservation.

Name Reservations are locked when you first start playing League of Legends. Name Reservations are unnecessary since you don’t really need anything to start playing League of Legends.

The biggest advantage of starting fresh is being able to play the game immediately without needing to level yourself up first. This will save you time because if you wanted to play ranked matches, it’s better to start at a low tier league than at another summoner’s beginner league. You will also be able to join communities and make friends easier since you’ve started fresh.

There really isn’t anything bad about buying a fresh lol account except for the fact that it isn’t as established as an old lol account. But let’s not forget you get to start with a fresh and clean slate!

If you choose to buy an old account:

You will be given a summoner level and runes, masteries, champions, and heirlooms (rune pages).

This is one of the biggest reasons why people prefer to start with an old account rather than a fresh one. Many players have invested money and time into their old accounts so it will be much harder for them to start fresh. You will also have a large advantage in terms of game knowledge and mechanics if you start with an older League of Legends account.

You’ll have to level yourself up from the beginning which is a bad thing if you want to play ranked matches.

This is why many people prefer to start with an old account rather than a fresh one because you will probably have enough BE and experience to buy runes and masteries which can be used for an individual champion or multiple ones. You can also use the BE on runes and masteries would be a way to level up faster than someone that started fresh.

You’ll have to unlock champions, runes and masteries before you can start playing which can take a while if you buy them with BE

Since an old league of legends account is more established than a fresh one, the only thing left for you to do is place your summoner in a league and begin playing ranked matches!

There really isn’t anything bad about buying an old League of Legends account other than the fact that you have to level yourself up from the beginning. If you’re looking to buy a lol account though, then this is a great start for a beginner since your items will give you an advantage over other players.

Also, you will be given heirlooms (rune pages) with your account! You invested money into it which means more champs and runes! You’ll be able to learn all of them better because of this.

It’s hard to level up past the beginner league without starting fresh unless you spend a lot of money. Buying a lol account is a way to start playing ranked matches faster rather than waiting or leveling yourself up from scratch.

It’s better to buy an old League of Legends account since you will have more advantages like having the runes and masteries that you want, as well as heirlooms (rune pages) which can be very useful for a beginner. You can also use your BE on runes and masteries which will be of great help as well!

So the next time you want to buy a League of Legends account, ask yourself whether or not it is better to start fresh or with an old one. There’s really no hard answer since it’s a personal choice. But if you’re looking to buy League of Legends accounts, then it’s best to start fresh if you want to play ranked matches since your summoner will have a low level and no items/champions/runes/masteries. If you don’t care about playing ranked matches but just want to have fun with friends or other people then starting fresh is the best way to go!

And that’s all there is to it! You know everything you need to start playing Ranked matches and climbing the Summoner’s Rift (the name of the map in League of Legends) like a pro. Just remember, buying an old account will most likely give you advantages over others since most players don’t want to start with nothing and level up from the beginning. Don’t worry about the fact that other players will have a fair advantage over you, just be patient and use your BE on runes and masteries to level up fast instead of buying champions.

It’s your choice! Just remember that you can spend your BE on runes and masteries, or buy cheap champions from the Riot store after you’re done learning! That way you won’t have to level yourself up from scratch when starting with an old League of Legends Account! Have fun!

LoL Tips – How To Pick The Best Champ

Hey There! We got a cool hint for you today.

The first step of mastering a champion is obviously, selecting a champion to master. This choice might seem easy but it is also the most important step in our journey. This choice will influence almost everything from now on. You have to ask yourself what role this champion performs and do you feel comfortable with that? How do you feel about the tasks this role has to perform? Do you feel all of the abilities of this character? How do you feel about roaming, establishing vision, ganking, or finishing minions? Which of these activities do you struggle with? At which you excel? Pick wisely as you will do these things based on your choice…. A lot.

            No matter what champion you picked out, do not feel stuck with it. If you feel irritated or exhausted do not hesitate to try out another champion. Even if you will not stick around to a certain champion you will gain valuable experience and knowledge that you will utilize in the future. If you want to improve, experimentation will be quite helpful. Perhaps your new favorite champion will be something you never expected to enjoy. The more champions you play, the better you will perform in this journey.